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World Music Award

The Parma release Modern American Percussion Concerti wins the Silver Medal in the Global Music Awards!
Featuring soloist Lee Hinkle — recorded, mixed and edited by me!

Penn Stater Magazine

OK, so I tell everyone who will listen, but…

Rock Lititz is one of the coolest places on earth. And a I've certainly had a lot of the people who are in this article in class. And a lot more who work there. This just makes me happy to see folks behind the scenes getting some light.

The Tony Awards

OK. So awards, yeah, I know. But it is kind of cool when both Sound Design Tony winners this year had major contributions from former students - The Outsiders (A1 - Heather Augustine) and Stereophonic (Associate Designer - John McKenna)

Album Release!

The state of the music industry and my theatre work have both kept me out of doing a ton of music recording and editing as of late, but look out, here comes one!

World Stage Design, Calgary

World Stage Design, Calgary
I won the Gold Medal for the sound design of Frankenstein!